Need a Professional Presentation ? I've got you covered.


What i Do


It is time to elevate your style.

I help my clients project a polished, poised, sophisticated and powerful image and we start in your closet.  Years of working in front of a camera and in corporate settings have taught me how to make a powerful impression.  I'll do the work and you'll look great.



Do you want to UP your image?

  I work with my clients to :

  • Get organized - clean out that closet.
  • Get focused - find out what is needed to build your image,  this is where I shop for you.
  • Get styled - I bring back clothes for you to try on and we create outfits with everything in your closet.

Getting focused is 80% building the bones of your closet.

Getting styled is 20% your edge; the part of you that is your essence, your charm, your truest self.

The full package is $500.00 + any clothes you buy.



  •  Not ready for the full package?  Give me a try $75.00/hour
  • Give me as a gift - $75.00/hour
  • Corporate presentations - I'll show your team how to put together a chic,  professional and polished look. $500.00


ShoPping on line

I can be your online shopper.

Here's how I can make this work for us - even if we are 1000 miles apart.    

  • Make an appointment and we'll discuss what you need.   
  • Once I have your information, I will shop for you.  
  • For $75.00 I'll send you 10+  links to full outfits for you to click on and purchase.    
  • I've seen many of these pieces in person, even tried them on, and have found most items look much better in person.



How to BEST DRESS for the holidays.