What i Do


You are working with me because you WANT the change I see in you.

 I use my expertise to help men and women step into their life as they never have before.  Working with me is extremely beneficial for anyone who feels stuck , has been passed over for promotions, is having zero dating luck, wants to gain the right kind of professional attention and is ready to drop their insecurities and 



What I’m offering is attainable by everyone.

 My expertise comes from working as a television reporter and anchor.  I know how image and first impressions can make or break your bottom line.  

  • Lets meet for coffee or talk on the phone or connect online.  We need to dig into WHY you're looking for a change.  
  • My fee is $500.00.  
  • This includes spending time in your closet(s) which is essential. 
  • Creating a brand/image/style starts with what you already have .
  • Shopping for what you need.
  • Styling and bringing it all together.


Your Homework

  •  What do you want from this experience?
  • How do you want people to describe you?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • Working with a Stylist is not a "One and Done". Plan to meet a few times a year.
  • You MUST WANT the change in the body you have right now.


What does a Stylist Do?

What happens when we work together.

What a Stylist can do!

Change your body image today.  

The Fix is in the details

We are all on camera these days.  Are you ready?